Hi, there! Coach Pat here!

My name is Coach Pat Mallari and I help professionals like you find clarity and purpose in your career so you can attract the opportunities you truly want.

While our career is not the center of our lives, it takes up a good 80% of our brain space. So whenever we’re lead to whine and complain about our jobs, our personal life gets affected too.

I know, I was there. Career became my god. I held a successful sales and marketing career in a multinational consumer goods company. There, I lead the food service marketing division in the Philippines and was even assigned to different countries.

I had everything I could ask for – a stable career, good pay, a roof over my head, and even my own car! The future was mine for the taking.

Still, I felt empty. I felt stuck in this endless cycle of just working and surviving. “What is this all for, Lord?”, I prayed.

Things started to take a turn when my friend introduced me to a coach. I knew little about coaching yet I trusted its process. It was my first investment in my development. My own money at stake to finally achieve the aspirations that took a back seat; at stake to challenge myself to be a better person.

I told myself, “If not now, when? If not me, who?”
I am the best person to take care of me.


Investing in 1:1 support took me on a journey and helped me answer my hesitations and questions to get to where I want to be. After every session, I found myself having with a newfound strength and commitment to take action. 

This then started the ripple that led me to a Transformative Coaching Course that completely changed my story. I remember telling myself “This is me!” I found it! I found my WHY and HOW coming together. I wholeheartedly believed the purpose of what I do as a coach, the impact it has to people, and how it helps me maximize my strengths.

That strong sense of purpose made me decide to leave my corporate job and pursue it completely. It was the first time I’ve made such a huge decision like that.

In my own coaching journey, I relived my happiest and best moments – who was I becoming, what I was doing, what gave me fulfillment. That is, when I speak and encourage greatness, hope and goodness to the people around me.

Currently, I serve as the Learning and Development Manager for Lazada Philippines, Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce company, as well as a part-time Executive and Life Coach for Winning Coaching and Haraya Coaching.

I continue to grow as a coach and feel fulfilled by what it has done to people’s lives, only and through God’s grace. Through this grace, I have made brave choices to help others find their unique purpose, embrace it and live it through one on one coaching sessions and workshops.

I am telling you all this because
I want this to happen for you, too.


I want to help you to find fulfillment in your career. I know how much it sucks to see your career as a burden and it is my mission to help take you out of that. 

I want to help you make that choice to put yourself in priority and reach your heart’s desires, your God-seeded dreams.


We’ll find out what truly gives you meaning and purpose;

Create a plan to manifest that purpose in your career; and,

Achieve tangible results through our coaching partnership.

It is possible for the hundreds of employees now unlocked and living their careers on a different level. It is possible for the hundreds of my clients who are courageously pursuing their God-seeded dreams as well.

Are you ready to breakthrough? Let’s talk!