Not sure about coaching? Tell me your story and we’ll explore it together. At the end of the session, you’ll gain three action steps to get you to where you want to be. If clarity is what you’re looking for, this one’s for you.

This package includes ONE 1:1 transformative coaching session.


Best for college students and fresh graduates who want to start their careers on the right foot & stay on track with their plan

To the go-getter who is hungry for learning and eager to make a mark, there’s an entire realm of opportunities and possibilities that await you. And this is just the beginning of a worthwhile journey.

In this program, we’ll focus on understanding the role of your career in your life and identifying the unique gifts you can offer at work so you can have a clear roadmap to follow until you reach your definition of success.



For mid-career professionals who want to rekindle their fire so they can choose a path that truly lights them up

Sometimes, there comes a point in our lives when we feel a bit detached from the initial goals we have set for ourselves.

This program puts emphasis on redirecting you towards a career path that gives you joy, fulfillment and security. We’ll work closely together to find your spark and confidently plan out your next big move.



For those who want to grow themselves in addition to their career

You’ve done the work, you’ve reached your goals, and now you’re ready to take on a new endeavor – something that you’re passionate about, something that carries out your personal mission, or something that goes beyond yourself.

The Expand program is curated for movers and shakers who are seeking to gain the courage to pursue their passions while still thriving in their chosen careers.



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